October 03rd Villagio Coppola (Pinetamare), La Curtis Sexy Disco
September 25/26/27th Roma, Blue Night Strip Dance
Hey Guys! Last week, I found this very interesting discussion, on Yahoo Italy:
Hi guys, I've been at the Eros Adriatica on Friday and Saturday!
Check out the tourdates! I've just set up a new "tour" page, here on my website. A toast to that, and all of you!! Oh I just love it, to have something wet in my mouth..... Ahahahaha! :-) :-) :-)
Now you have to guess what's my favourite team! Remember: there is ONE city I really do love! :-) I press my pretty ass against the cold wall of a stylish club. But I would rather like to press it against something warm... If you know what I mean.  :-P XXX Monique we try out the bathroom, of some really nice club in Monaco! So? Do you wanna be next?? ;-))) Ahahah
So what do you think? Which well known game are we going to play in just one minute...? Ahahahah  
For I am a little afraid of ghosts - and the dreams that they bring to me! ...maybe because I still haven't found a strong man who will stay with me at night. To take care of me.... ;-)
...I usually think of someting nasty.... some dirty stuff!! Maybe it's even you? :-)
I've added a new gallery! Showing some white swans, and me. So... just swans to be precise... You can find it in the "galleries" section, just next to my second "pink gallery". enjoy it! Kisses, Monique
And one more pic taken in Johnnie Fox's...
Me and some friends in on of my favourite places around Dublin. Johnnie Fox's Pub! I love this place!!
...big 'uns! Oh! No! I meant big guns of course...