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What is the difference between having sex and making love?


I am sometimes asked do you have to love somebody to make love to them? There is no simple answer to that, it’s a bit like the classic response “Well, yes and no.”

For me the most important thing about having sex or making love is that you have to enjoy it. You know how many things you can do when you’re turned on? You can have sex in the plane, on the swing in the playground, under the stand at a football match. You can have sex in the cloakroom when you take off your clothes and say “Can you hold me for a minute.” This minute can be much more fun than an hour in the bed which can be bloody boring. Sex for me has to be exciting.

When you’re making sex and coming it’s all “Oh that’s wonderful my love, did you feel it too, can you do it quicker”. But if you’re making love with somebody you care about and you come, or even when you don’t even come, you still have that feeling inside, you’re together with your bodies and your minds. I don’t know how or why but with that togetherness you just know how the other body is feeling, how its gasping for air, how both hearts are pumping, coming closer and closer together until you’re fused into one. Afterwards you’re not thinking “Oh my hair looks terrible”, or “I didn’t realise the time, oh I have to go!” You just lie there and feel the energy in your body, in your mind and in the air all around you. That’s the difference for me.

The biggest problem with sex and with making love is that there is too much pressure put on people to perform. Men think they have to be as big as totem poles, that they have to make love to the woman like a horse. It’s just crazy. I don’t know any woman in the world who wants that.

What you do in a porn movie is not making love, its having sex. You have a group, you do the scene, you don’t care about anything and afterwards you wash your hands and say my “God that was great,” or “Oh my God, I need to go to bed after that.” A group orgy for the camera can still be cool. Every time we produce different hormones that all come together. This is for having sex, ideally with orgasms thrown in as a bonus, but it’s not for making love. Orgasms make your body feel great but they do not necessarily leave you with any lasting real happiness inside. But sex without an orgasm is like a sandwich without the filling, a balloon without air, a song without a tune

I like to try everything that comes into my mind. When you see me you know something is in the air but you don’t quite know what it might be.

One year I was living with a girlfriend, we had a beautiful relationship together. After I finished dating with a crazy male asshole I decided I didn’t need any more men to complicate my love life for a while. At night we were two girls on the town, wearing sexy tops and short skirts. Underneath I had my strap-on. We’d take a walk in the city, “Oh my love, what you think, we do it here?” We had sex outside whenever we felt like it. One morning we went together to the bakery to buy bread. The baker was in the back. “I want you” I said “I want you too” she said. We had sex on the floor, in between the bread rolls and the cakes, in front of the counter, before most people were awake. It was beautiful, sexy and so warm. Afterwards we went back home to bed. The baker would have been happy if he ever found out what we did with his bread rolls before we ate them for lunch.

That’s what sex should be all about, enjoyment, excitement and surprise surprise for everyone involved.


lets talk about sex 2:)

Losing my virginity


Thinking back, I did not so much lose my virginity as give it away. I was on holiday in Balaton with my mother and sister. We had two rooms, one for my mother while myself and my sister shared a separate room on the second floor of our villa. My little sister Hajnalka was often an accomplice in crime as we discovered and experimented with boys together.

For a thirteen-and-a-half-year-old I was thinking serious teenager thoughts.

“I can’t believe I’m still a virgin, all my friends are having sex with their boyfriends and I’m the last one.”

My little sister hesitated. Sex was not something she had thought much about up until then.

“Mammy told us to go to bed.” she whispered.

“Mammy does not have to know everything. You don’t have to come with me, but you have to keep it our secret.”

“Don’t be too long, and don’t make any noise or you’ll be caught” she advised helpfully. “What are you going to do.”

“I’m going to go out, find the first guy I meet and have sex with him”

“Ok. I’ll go to bed but I won’t go to sleep and you have to promise to tell me what it’s like when you come back,” she replied.

“I promise.”

She hugged me, gave me the first kiss of the night and the pact was sealed. I climbed over the balcony and dropped down to the promised land.

There was a campsite nearby which seemed like a good place to start. It was getting dark but there was a group of people sitting around together chatting and drinking beer. Not what I was looking for! I walked on, taking everything in like a cat on the prowl, searching for her prey. A young couple walked past me holding hands and kissing. I was getting closer. I heard noises coming from my right and could see the bushes moving. Lovers or just someone having a pee? The moon was shining but it was conveniently dimmed so that I could see in front of me but it still left room for privacy and discretion. Then in the distance I spotted what looked like a single male who had strayed away from the pack. I moved closer to get a better look at him. From a thirteen-year old’s point of view he looked old, not a teenager, possibly in his mid-twenties, but he looked reasonable acceptable and probably available. All cats look grey in the dark. I walked over to him, surprising him from behind.

“Hi,” I said with as much confidence as I could muster. I might have been only thirteen but I looked older and I was on a mission of discovery.

He jumped. “Good night,” he answered, “where did you come out of?”

“Do you know what the situation is” I said nervously. I was shy, unsure but very determined.

“No,” he said,

“I’m still a virgin and I don’t want to be. Can we go somewhere?”

He looked me up and down, glanced around to check if I was on my own, and took about ten agonising seconds before he answered. “Yes, we can” he said. “I’m camping; we can go into my tent over there beside the trees.”

“That’s ok” I said. By now I was excited, frightened and shaking, but there was no turning back.

The tent was small, dark and dirty but big enough for two lying on a blanket. The sex was absolutely awful. From the undressing to the touching of my breasts and feeling between my legs, it was uncomfortable, painful, scary and nothing like what I expected. In fairness as well as enjoying himself the guy was trying to be helpful. After he had done me the favour of having sex with a self-confessed virgin he found my panties in the grass and helped me get dressed. He offered to walk me home.

“No, no, I’ll find the way myself, it’s not far, you must be tired, you can sleep, I’ll be ok, thank you so much, goodnight.” I took off, out of his tent and out of his life like a scalded cat. I climbed back up the balcony, mission accomplished, and reported back to my sister.

“I don’t know why everyone gets so excited about it, I’m happy I did it but I hope it gets better than it was tonight. To be honest it was awful.”

It took me a long time to get to sleep but I woke up happy and came down for breakfast with a smile on my face. From a very shaky start overnight in a tent in Baleton the teenager Monika Erzsebet Visi had turned into the woman that would grow up to be the pornstar Monique Covet.

I went to the lake with my mother and sister. The guy from the tent was there, looking very happy with himself. He waved and did a lot of smiling in my direction. I told my mother that I had no idea who he was, that I never saw him before and that he must be mistaking me for someone else.

At the end of the holiday I went back to school to continued my sex education with as many volunteers as I could find. It got better but it wasn’t great as long as none of us really knew what we were doing. I still had a lot to learn. I remember asking one of the teachers why it was so good to have sex but she never told me so I was left with serious doubts about the whole subject.

lets talk about sex:)

Let’s talk about sex


Sex is a universal language of love which has the power and the potential to set you free or to enslave you. Which of those options to choose in life is ultimately in your hands, it’s your choice and your opportunity, Sex is the strongest and most primitive natural instinct in people throughout the world. When you understand the power of sex and open your mind and your heart to the pure joy of it, sex will open up the secrets of a beautiful world and make your life complete. But to do that you have to listen to your own body and stop listening to the people who are afraid to experiment with or experience the power and the joys of sex. If you do that, then sex can change your life.

As Monique Covet I have the reputation of being a sexy lady, an international porn star, a nymphomaniac who loves both men and women and could pose a threat to every happily married woman sitting at home protecting her man and her family. It is not like that in the real world. Of course I love sex and I love how beautiful and important it is between two people. I also love and understand how people and couples all over the world need each other and need to have sex together.

When people talk about sex they are usually talking about two very different things. On the one hand you are talking about “having sex” and on the other you are talking about “making love”. They are two totally different things. I’ll start with the more straight forward question of how I feel about sex. The purest and most important things about good sex for me is that it has to be without limits. The limit, whether its spoken or more often wheither it’s in your mind, is every time what makes sex uncomfortable.

Sex is like a game of cards. If it doesn’t work or it’s uncomfortable, you have to change your game. A particular card may not have worked the last time out but that doesn’t mean you can’t play it again, in a different way, in the next game. You start with a new set of cards, with a different hand, otherwise it gets boring, but you always use the full pack. You can change the players or you can play with the same people all the time, that is your choice. In my life I have often changed the players, I always look carefully at the hand that’s dealt to me, I play the best cards I have and I encourage my playing partners to do the same. That way the game can last for a long time but everyone enjoys the twists and turns, the ups and downs, the highs and lows, the ultimate climax and the final score. In England soccer is often called “the beautiful game” but for me sex is the most beautiful game. Everyone can play without restrictions, anywhere in the world, and with the right players and an open mind it’s the only great game that we can all play. Olay, olay olay.

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Gang Bang

Bang Bang

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To be a porn actor is a safe job:)before you make a movie you need a fool control :)did you ever have dane???that kind of control?

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hmmmm .... ;)twitter @moniquecovet01

hmmmm .... ;)twitter @moniquecovet01

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Buon Ferragosto

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In this movie i was a child,,in the realy life i still dont find right kinky one:)))))ahahhahh

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This book about "bunos élvezet"guilty of the pleasure" Kovi right this book ;)but Me and My girlfriend ....we are a GILTY IN PLEASURE ;)

i made a interview with Kovi..for My up coming book :)will be about shouting and work together in the porn busniess:)he just tell the storie when we win a prise in Las Vegas :)I total forget about it ;)

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Heading home to beautiful Roma tomorrow

Heading home to beautiful Roma tomorrow

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I have a beautiful time in Dublin:)THANK YOU IRELAND:)))I will back in marc:)

Christmas time in Dublin xxx

Tour next week in Naples (Napoli) - 16/11/2015 - 22/11/2015


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I came home this evening. ROME!!! My Hometown. And I need a real man right now!!! Just look at my face....

May calendar

..with my best wishes, from sunny Geneva. Enjoy my tits, as I enjoy the weather! Ahahahaha

Heyyyyyyy! Its BIG TITS - SATURDAY!!! Anybody wanna party with me?? XXX

Would anybody like to know, what I taste like? Would you like to find out? :-)

HHey Guys! I'm in Sicilia for this weekend! Meet me, for areal sexy show! XXX

Hi Guys! I'm in Sicily for this weekend! Meet me, for a real sexy show! XXX

Hi Guys! Happy new Year!!! :-)))

October 03rd Villagio Coppola (Pinetamare), La Curtis Sexy Disco

September 25/26/27th Roma, Blue Night Strip Dance

Hi Guys! Last week, I found this very interesting discussion, on Yahoo Italy:

Hey Guys! Last week, I found this very interesting discussion, on Yahoo Italy:

What do you think about it? Here you can read the complete Discussion:


Ho 19 anni(sono ancora vergine non l'ho ancora fatto) fino a poco tempo fa non davo molto peso al sesso(dato che mi divertivo con gli amici,mi facevo cannette ecc,insomma pensavo ...visualizza altro

Aggiorna : @Benvenuta Vacca: pensa che molti miei zii e nonni andavano ai bordelli(anche alle prime esperienze) tranquillo l'ho considerato il fattore tensione e ansia dato che è la prima volta,ma comunque cercherò di spiegare alla ragazza che è la mia prima volta e speriamo che vada bene,anche perchè ormai(come penso tu saprai) anche se mi faccio fidanzato posso capitare già una che l'ha fatto e anche qui avrei problemi e difficoltà ad essere disinvolto dato che è la prima volta


Primo punto: la prostituzione non è mai stata e non potrà mai essere una cosa illegale, una donna maggiorenne può disporre del suo copro come le pare e questo come tutti sanno è il mestiere più antico del mondo. Non esiste nessuna legge in nessuna parte del mondo che possa vietare di e pagare un prostituta.

Secondo punto: la parola vergine per un maschio non esiste, è un termine che oggi alcuni usano sbagliando anche per i maschi che non hanno mai fatto sesso, ma la verginità è propria solo del sesso femminile. Per perdere la verginità bisogna che persista un cambiamento permanente ai genitali dopo il primo sesso, ai genitali maschili non cambia e non può cambiare niente quindi non c'è una verginità da perdere, la verginità è una cosa solo femminile. Solo la vagina che appunto dopo la prima volta "si apre" e tale rimane, perde appunto la verginità.

Detto questo io non ci trovo nulla di male ad andare con una prostituta, anche a me è capitato e alla fine si instaura magari anche un rapporto cordiale come con qualsiasi altra persona. A tutti capita di andare al bar per farsi fare un caffè o in pizzeria per farsi fare una pizza e si paga per ricevere quel servizio...allo stesso modo uno può andare con una prostituta e pagare per ricevere appunto quella prestazione, è un servizio come un altro, certo non c'è amore ma perché forse il caffè al bar te lo danno perché gli sei simpatico o...piuttosto perché paghi? Se uno è contrario alle prostitute allora con la stessa mentalità dovrebbe prendere il caffè solo se glielo fa la mamma o la moglie e mai al bar. Fino al 1958 in Italia c'erano i bordelli di stato e ci andavano tutti, poi non è chiaro per quale motivo li abbiano fatti chiudere, tuttavia in Germania così come in Olanda e in tante altre parti del mondo i bordelli esistono da sempre e sono sempre in piena attività.
Vai tranquillo, scegli una prostituta che ti piace e tanti auguri, quelle sono donne mooolto esperte, ti saprà dare anche dei consigli, è anche quello il loro mestiere, il mestiere più antico del mondo.

LP Duca di Mens Health:

Dipende. Se la prostituta e sola, opera in casa propriad e e amministratrice di se stessa si. Se invece un secondo soggetto giuridico amministra il denaro che la prostituta guadagna con il proprio lavoro, la casa e di terzi o piu prostitute abitano la stessa casa e accolgono contemporaneamente no, perche e considerato alla pari di gestire un bordello. L Italia han regolamenti ambigui riguardo la prostituzione...

 Benvenuta Vacca:

Ti capisco benissimo perché anch'io alla tua età mi trovavo nella stessa identica situazione.

Innanzitutto ti rassicuro sulla legalità: può sembrare incredibile ma in Italia non è illegale la prostituzione, ma solo lo sfruttamento da parte dei magnacci. Quindi chiunque può scegliere (liberamente) di vendere il proprio corpo, e senza rilasciare ricevuta.

Però credo che questa esperienza ti deluderà parecchio perché, ti accorgerai, una cosa è il sesso ed un'altra l'amore. Prova pertanto, ma è parecchio probabile che tu faccia cilecca (in tutti i sensi...magari non ti tira neppure dalla tensione e ci rimani malissimo).

Se ti è possibile, piuttosto, fai una via di mezzo: ossia, se abiti vicino ad uno dei nuovissimi centri massaggi cinesi, che stanno ovunque nascendo come funghi, vai da loro. Certo, non ti offriranno il sesso spiccio di una prostituta, ma almeno, essendo tu vergine, proverai per la prima volta il piacere delle mani che toccano ogni parte del tuo corpo (tutto), ed al termine (basta chiederlo) è facile che ti masturbino pure.

Spendi meno, ed hai qualcosa di -letteralmente- più romantico.

Come meet me! For a very special show, near Napoli at the beginning of November!

Will you join me in this pool? And let me set YOU on fire?

Hi guys, I've been at the Eros Adriatica on Friday and Saturday!

Hi guys, I've been at the Eros Adriatica on Friday and Saturday!

And believe me - we were really playing dirty! :-) Hope to meet you at my next Show in Lignano! Just check my tour dates here on

Hi my dear fans! :-) I have great news!! I'll be touring through Italy every now and then, performing some sexy erotic shows.

Check out the tourdates! I've just set up a new "tour" page, here on my website. A toast to that, and all of you!! Oh I just love it, to have something wet in my mouth..... Ahahahaha! :-) :-) :-)

Hi guys! (and maybe ladies? :-) )

If you want to watch me, shakin' my sexy ass, there's a great opportunity! I'll be performing in "Blue night", the number one place for relaxing, dancing and sexy entertainment in Rome. For three days!!! Join me, on 25th, 26th and 27th of september.  Via San Getullo 92, Roma. I'm looking forward to see you there... :-))) rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Happy new year...

What am I thinking of right now? Make a guess....! And of course I give you a hint: It's something sexual! ;-) ehiiiiiii

...if you join me for dinner - maybe I'll make YOU my breakfast! :-) Miau!!!

Hmmm.... Has this been my Baby, trying to surprise me...? Or a tasty bird? :-)))

Gotcha!!! :-) Don't worry! I did not load it with shot shells... I use it as a net gun!! To catch me some man!! Ahahahah

Summer at last!!! I spend all of my spare time with swimming, and diving! Who want's to join me? And to give me a little kiss on my nose...???? Ahahah!

...I had three cyclists for breakfast! :-) Yummy! Now I'm waiting for some more...!

Yesterday Evening, I decided to be the goddess of soccer...:-)

Now you have to guess what's my favourite team! Remember: there is ONE city I really do love! :-)

As many of you may not know - I'm quite a soccer fan. At least since I started to love Italy. Would you like to see some more of my secret little passion....? :-)

Lot's of things happened since my last Post here. For example: I have found a new pet! It is a real Unicorn!!! One of the few ones left!!! On this pic, I'm giving him a little kiss, to make the morning less boring! :-))))))))) it's nearly September. Right now I am in Sweden, and I hate the thought of "one more summer gone"... This is me once again in Monaco. When the weather was hot, and my nights were even hotter... :-) I press my pretty ass against the cold wall of a stylish club. But I would rather like to press it against something warm... If you know what I mean.  :-P XXX Monique

Monaco, 2012. Again, this is me, and my italian mate. We had sex on the beach, and in some bars... :-) we try out the bathroom, of some really nice club in Monaco! So? Do you wanna be next?? ;-))) Ahahah

Me, and a friend of mine, in Monaco... :-)

So what do you think? Which well known game are we going to play in just one minute...? Ahahahah

I always have my "rosario" with me at night....

For I am a little afraid of ghosts - and the dreams that they bring to me!

...maybe because I still haven't found a strong man who will stay with me at night.

To take care of me.... ;-)

...before I go to bed...

...I usually think of someting nasty.... some dirty stuff!!

Maybe it's even you? :-)

on the road again...

Hey guys!

After my little trip to the emirates in March, two weeks in Budapest, and a few days in Rome, I'm back on the road again! :-))) After a short stay in Stockholm, I'm in Finland right now. I will stay until wednesday, and then return to Rome. So keep your eyes open if you are near! Maybe we'll meet... ahahaha

Oh and by the way: My trip to dubai was very..... uhmm..... lets call it inspiring You'll know what I mean, when you see my two new galleries... But watch out! This stuff is hotter than all of the other galleries!! gallery!

I've added a new gallery! Showing some white swans, and me. So... just swans to be precise... You can find it in the "galleries" section, just next to my second "pink gallery".

enjoy it!

Monique for the road!

And one more pic taken in Johnnie Fox's... of my favourite places!

Me and some friends in on of my favourite places around Dublin. Johnnie Fox's Pub! I love this place!!

...some more

...big 'uns! Oh! No! I meant big guns of course...